A long-lasting story ...

the engine is still running

A remarkable story ...


Mr. Amedeo Tarabusi arrived in Bilbao (Spain) from Italy, to represent the Italian piston manufacture company Borgo, introducing the AT trade mark.


Its status changed to Tarabusi S.A. and began manufacturing products with its own aluminum and cast iron foundries. Tarabusi was one of the few companies in the world designing and manufacturing the most important parts for an internal combustion engine: piston, cylinder liner and ring set.


Tarabusi was the real engine of the Spanish motor industry. The international expansion of Tarabusi contributed to create an international brand called AE (Associated Engineering Limited). Members of this association were also: Pistoni Borgo Spa from Italy; The British Piston Ring Company Ltd, Hepworth & Grandage Ltd from UK; India Pistons Limited from India; Metallurgica Mediterranea from Argentina and few others.

In all these years AT®  and Tarabusi®  trademarks have been associated to the image of the most famous Spanish automotive icons from SEAT 600 to RENAULT 5 GT.

Tarabusi contribution to the development of new motor technologies has been a constant commitment as can be certified by various patents.


Tarabusi joined the Corporación Industrial Egaña, industrial group.


The industrial groups Corporación Industrial Egaña and GSB (Grupo Siderúrgico Vasco) merged to form CIE Automotive, one of the main player in the Spanish automotive industry.

OEMs such as Nissan, Knorr Bremse Group, Lister Petter, IVECO, R.V.I. , Suzuki, Waukesha Group, Guascor and Woco are supplied by Tarabusi.


Tarabusi signed an exclusive distribution agreement, for the Italian market, with Finimpianti S.r.l. an Italian company operating worldwide in the field of engine components.
This partnership allowed AT®  and Tarabusi®  trademarks to regain an important image in the Italian market.


Following to the closure of Tarabusi, Finimpianti took over AT®  and Tarabusi®  trademarks and stock, in order to keep alive the visionary dream of a great Italian entrepreneur and to keep on supplying high quality products under the signature of Mr. Amedeo Tarabusi

So the story goes on ...